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Electronic Lein & Title System
September 02, 2022

Thursday, September 1, 2022


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Secretary of State candidate Dan Brady pledges to implement long-awaited Electronic Lien and Title system to benefit both businesses and consumers


A common-sense, cost-and-time effective solution to a longstanding problem was
authorized by the Illinois General Assembly 21 years ago, but two decades later taxpayers are
still waiting for that long-promised relief. Illinois Secretary of State candidate Dan Brady, a
Bloomington Republican, pledges to make the implementation of that solution one of his top
priorities once he’s sworn into office.


“We’ve been waiting far too long for the Electronic Lien and Title system in Illinois, and
as Secretary of State I will implement this system as soon as possible,” Brady said. “We need
more than just discussion on this system, we need action. Neighboring states with this system are only too happy to snatch away our business for every day we delay its implementation.”


The Electronic Lien and Title (ELT) system in Illinois will make the switch from an
expensive, time-consuming, and less-than-secure paper system of tracking vehicle title liens to
an electronic system that will be faster, safer, cheaper, and easier to access for both businesses
and consumers.


The Illinois General Assembly passed a measure in 2001 that authorized the Secretary of
State to develop and implement the ELT system. The deadline to do so has been extended
several times, most recently to July 1, 2022. That most recent deadline was also not met.


“The Secretary of State issues millions of paper vehicle titles every year, more than half
of which contain a lien holder notation, and they must also process hundreds of thousands of lien release letters each year,” Brady said. “This terribly outmoded paper system means delay,
expense, and many opportunities for mistakes and fraud. It’s time we helped our vehicle lenders
and buyers by moving Illinois into the 21 st century with the ELT, a system we’ve been waiting on for more than two decades.”


An ELT system will expedite the validity and release of liens and help to ensure against
the fraudulent release of liens. Title holders, lenders, purchasers, dealers, and the State of Illinois
will all benefit from this up-to-date system, Brady added.


About Dan Brady
Dan Brady is a Resident of Bloomington Illinois, where he is a licensed funeral director associate
in the funeral home firm Kibler-Brady-Ruestman. Dan and his wife Teri have two children. He
served as McLean County Coroner from 1992 to 2000. He received an A.A. from Southern
Illinois University and a B.A. in Elected Studies from St. Ambrose University. He was named to
the Illinois House Republican Leadership team in 2003 and in 2017 he was named Deputy
Minority Leader.

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