Promoting family friendly legislation, including support of pro-life issues.

Developing new markets and alternative uses for Illinois agriculture.

We must partner with teachers, families and school districts to ensure excellence in education. 
The State should provide adequate resources to the school districts including teacher training, facilities and equipment. 
Seek solutions to reduce the current property tax burden for school funding.

Supportive of initiatives that would improve the economic outlook for workers through education and job training.

Health Care: 
Continue to enhance patient access to proper care. Last year the state enacted several good reforms. One of my priorities is to address the high cost of medication.

Eliminate State Tax on dividends and interest income. Encourage savings, not debt. 
Reduce the tax burden, including property taxes, on working families.

Stop unfunded state mandates that force local governments and the taxpayer to foot the bill. 
Hold state government accountable so that it may become more efficient, more accountable and less wasteful.

Gun Legislation: 
Dan is a strong supporter of the second amendment and supports the enforcement of existing gun laws.

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